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Mar 11, 2019

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Back in 2013 Alex McClafferty was searching for an idea –– a project he could dive headfirst into and turn it into a business.

Then from California, he came across Dan Norris working away in Australia on a newly created service called WP Live Ninja. Alex loved the idea, and saw that Dan had $478/month in revenue and was struggling to acquire customers. So he reached out to Dan to see if he wanted to partner up -- and from this conversation WP Curve was born.

Alex and Dan ran with the idea and In 2013 and by 2015, they’d built a remote team around the world and grown revenue to $1MM annual recurring revenue. Then in December 2016, GoDaddy acquired WP Curve and Alex joined GoDaddy as the Director of Product Management, where he stayed until October of 2018.

Today, Alex has joined the ranks of the digitally nomadic as he travels the world with no set schedule or destination. While at the same time, he has started a private consulting company for CEOs looking to scale their productized companies the same way he did with WP Curve.

Now, let's hack...

Alex McClafferty.