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Mar 4, 2019

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Barry Turner is a former competitive bodybuilder, but to American Gladiator fans he was known as “Cyclone.” As cool as that is, he's here today because he has built a successful business, sold it, bought back half of it, and sold it again!

Along with his business partner, he helped create the baked nutrition category back in 1993 while eating after a workout – they asked “Why can’t we put the protein from this chicken breast… into that muffin?” This was the birth of Lenny and Larry's.

They didn't have a business plan or any experience, but that didn't stop Barry or his partner. They launched the company with only $1,400 doing almost everything themselves to get rolling -- right down to designing their iconic logo. Gold’s Gym was its first client.

Today, Lenny and Larry’s products are available almost anywhere you can buy food -- from Walmart to Whole Foods, and Target to Publix.

The effect of Lenny and Larry's products have rippled across the natural foods space. Protein-infused snacks are everywhere as consumers are beginning to understand the importance of high-quality protein to their overall health and nutrition.

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • Finding an idea and taking immediate action
  • Enjoying the chaos around you
  • Why it's better to show someone than to tell them

Now, let's hack...

Barry Turner.