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Sep 26, 2019

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At the age of 39, my guest, Weldon Long, found himself walking out of prison after seven years and living in a homeless shelter -- this was 15 years ago.

He spent the next six months knocking on door after door trying to land a job, with zero experience. Finally, a small HVAC company in Colorado gave him a shot and it changed the course of his life -- he stayed with this company for 18 months learning the art of sales and running a small business.

Then he made his move and started his own HVAC company. Over the next five years, he grew this business to $20 million in sales before selling the business.

He is now a NY Times bestselling author, speaker, and sales trainer.

During this fast-moving conversation, we discuss:

  • How to determine what you really want out of life and business
  • Why the biggest mistake you can make is not focussing on the right things
  • Why all businesses are sales companies

Now, let's hack...

Weldon Long.