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Jan 8, 2020

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Check out the complete show notes and transcript:

My guest today is David Meerman Scott and he is one of the few repeat guests I've had on the show -- and I'm really excited to have him back on the show today. When he was on the show the first time, we discussed framing your work around what you love doing.

He is a digital marketing strategist and author of several books on marketing, most notably The New Rules of Marketing and PR with over 300,000 copies sold to date.

As of 2020, he has published a brand new book called Fanocracy. Here's the premise: The most powerful marketing force in the world isn't social media, email, or even those annoying commercials on stuck right in the middle of YouTube videos. It's fandom.

And the good news? Fandom isn't just for celebrities and influencers anymore! It can be the fuel for any business that chooses to focus on inspiring and nurturing true fans. Fanocracy means turning fans into customers and customers into fans. Fanocracy means an organization that puts the needs and wishes of fans first.

Now, let's hack...

David Meerman Scott and Fanocracy.