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Feb 29, 2020

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My guest today is grateful, blessed, and excited about her business and life.

She is one of three co-founders of Beautiful Disaster, a clothing company with a mission to empower the beautifully broken and the perfectly imperfect with the clothing that we wear.

Today in 2020, Beautiful Disaster is selling over $400k a month in clothing, but it is far from an overnight success. Christina and her partners started in 2008 -- 12 years ago -- and they spent the first 9 years working on the business part-time. Yes, every weekend, evening, and spare moment was spent on the business while also working at other jobs to pay the bills.

The story of Beautiful Disaster is one of perseverance and determination, mixed with an insatiable desire to make their customers lives better with their clothing.

Now, let's hack...

Christina DuVarney