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Sep 3, 2020

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Michael Lennox is the Founder and CEO of Electric Hospitality and ATLFAMILYMEAL.

Electric Hospitality consists of three successful restaurant brands in Atlanta, Georgia. With a staff of 125, and two new restaurants ready to launch in two new and exciting markets, Covid and March 16, 2020 -- or what the restaurant industry in Atlanta calls black Monday -- hit. And everything changed.

With the temporary closure of his restaurants, he took action the very next day, and founded ATLFAMILYMEAL with the mission to feed, nourish, and support hospitality workers experiencing food insecurity and joblessness.

The initiative brings together a community of local chefs, restaurant owners, hospitality workers, and business/non-profit leaders to purchase, prepare, and deliver free meals to hospitality workers in need across the metro Atlanta area. Since launching, the organization has delivered nearly 100,000 meals to unemployed hospitality workers.

With no one being paid and money running out, in August ATLFAMILYMEAL received a donation of $2 million from a local donor in honor of two Atlanta restaurant servers. This generous donation will enable them to continue supporting hospitality workers in Atlanta, grow its team, and adding new initiatives in the months and years ahead.

Now, let's hack...

Michael Lennox.