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Mar 23, 2015

Today's guest has recently ended a 34-year career as a serial direct marketer, and has now made the transition from intrapreneur to entrepreneur.

My guest made this transition while taking Boardroom Inc., which he worked within and later became a partner of, from around $3 million in revenues in 1981 to a high of $150 million, and creating marketing messages that have reached well over 1 billion people.

As of last January, my guest made the official and final step into entrepreneurship with the launch of his own consulting business. To kick off, he held a conference called The Titans of Direct Response and featured today’s greatest direct marketing entrepreneurs.

Now, let's hack

Brian Kurtz.

In this 43-minute episode Brian Kurtz and I discuss:

  • Brian's entrepreneurial disclaimer
  • Understanding the concept of 100 Zero (and why it matters)
  • Surrounding yourself with the best and the brightest
  • Why Brian doesn't like the idea of networking
  • Becoming a contributor, rather than a connector
  • Brian's epiphany and how it helps you right now
  • Doing whatever it takes to find a mentor

The Show Notes

Show Notes