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Apr 27, 2015

My guest for today is a freelancer, turned agency owner and entrepreneur. His first introduction to working for himself was doing side-work after hours.

This eventually grew to the point that he was able to quit his job and freelance full-time. He expanded to a physical office and had eleven full-time salaried employees with clients all over the world.

Family and health reasons forced him to step away from his brick & mortar agency, while moving into software and online training. Now he makes his living by providing great software and products to freelancers and consultants from his upstairs office, with his wife and two girls just a room away.

He is currently the founder of, a project management tool built for consultants and he is the founder at Double Your Freelancing where helps 24,000 freelancers every week with his weekly newsletter.

Now, let’s hack…

Brennan Dunn.  

In this 41-minute episode Brennan Dunn and I discuss:

  • Never falling prey to ambivalence
  • Why you need to keep showing up day after day
  • Growing your business doesn't happen overnight
  • Taking his MBA on the spot
  • The one small thing that caused Brennan's biggest business mindset change
  • Freelancers -- are they entrepreneurs?
  • The importance of having a "road map" in business

The Show Notes