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Oct 29, 2015


My guest today is a content strategist, consultant, coach, and an entrepreneur. She is also an expert on online marketing, instructional design, business strategy, and product development.

She spent 5 years as a course developer and curriculum expert, as well as creating strategic websites for technology start-ups and non-profits. She then quit her job and started her journey as an entrepreneur.

Today, my guest uses a blended system of adult learning research, psychology, web design, and marketing and business strategy to help her clients achieve their visions and sell products.

Now, let's hack...

Breanne Dyck.

In this 52-minute episode Breanne Dyck and I discuss:

  • Focusing intently on what you can offer that others cannot
  • How boundaries create flexibilities
  • The benefit of having themed work days
  • Why knowing your customers journey is vitally important

The Show Notes