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Dec 17, 2015

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My guest today is a music fan, journalist, and entrepreneur. He spent some time as a record label manager at Universal Music Group, and as a digital marketer for Dialogue. And then he was the founder of FullFlex Interactive Media and Punch Magazine.

But the reason he is on the show today is because of Tradiio, a music app that works as an artist accelerator, or as my guest says, a stock exchange for new artists. Having launched in March of 2015, my guest and his cofounders already have over 15,000 artists using their service, as they aim to Uberize the music industry.

Now, let’s hack…

Miguel Leite.

In this 29-minute episode Miguel Leite and I discuss:

  • Why Miguel's main goal is to be a 'Monday person'
  • The importance of taking risks and waiting for good days
  • When you create something, that is your legacy, so keep creating.
  • Learning to read and listen to the data

The Show Notes