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Mar 31, 2016

My guest today is an inventor, crowdfunding specialist, and entrepreneur.

As an inventor, my guest got his start early when he invented the Arctic Stick. Inventing a smart product is one thing, but my guest also used his marketing skills to grab himself national media attention and complete a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Since then, he has helped countless other brands and businesses launch crowdfunding campaigns of all shapes and sizes and in many different markets. He is also an author in the process of writing the tentatively titled book “They Told Me I Couldn’t, Shouldn’t, and Wouldn’t”.

Now, let’s hack…

Brandon Adams.

In this 31-minute episode Brandon Adams and I discuss:

  • Reaching out and connecting with like-minded people regardless of your environment
  • Transforming your interests and passions into a meaningful career
  • Why failure is both necessary and inevitable in order to eventually succeed
  • Trusting that hard work and long-term commitment will lead to big time opportunities

The Show Notes