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Apr 19, 2016

My guest today is a salesperson, turned business owner, turned entrepreneur.

He is an experienced and successful serial entrepreneur based out of the Greater Nashville Area with a total of $24 Million in annual revenue.

In 1998 he started his first company, Absolute Wireless, which now owns and operates 15 wireless retail stores throughout Tennessee.

My guest is also the founder of CallProof, a software company dedicated to maximizing the efficiency of outside sales teams for businesses all over the United States.

Now, let’s hack…

Robert Hartline.

In this 38-minute episode Robert Hartline and I discuss:

  • Learning how to default to technology when faced with a problem
  • How Robert’s fear of death motivated him to do things he wouldn’t normally do
  • Why having a background in sales is critical to becoming a successful entrepreneur
  • Robert’s “Lead, Learn, and Think” philosophy and turning off your internal autopilot
  • Nurturing your longer-term efforts and viewing success as a long and slow journey
  • The power of leveraging your time and resources to bring you closer to your goal

The Show Notes