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Apr 25, 2016

My guest today is a Master of Neuro-linguistic Programming, an executive coach, keynote speaker, and an entrepreneur.

My guest is the founder of the I Am Woman project and the founder and editor-in-chief of I Am Woman magazine.

She is passionate about inspiring individuals, leaders, and businesses to transform, build and create powerful, effecting and lasting change both within themselves and their organizations.

Now, let’s hack…

Catherine Plano.

In this 38-minute episode Catherine Plano and I discuss:

  • Being willing to change your perception of the world to unlock your full potential
  • Utilizing the three parts of the brain in order to break unconscious habits and make lasting change
  • The importance of being present and practicing mindfulness as an entrepreneur
  • The initial struggle of leveraging your time and delegating tasks
  • The power of sharing and collaborating on ideas and learning from their failure

The Show Notes