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Aug 20, 2018

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Heini Zachariassen sees himself as an operating entrepreneur who loves building ideas into international businesses.

Heini is the founder of Vivino, what began as a simple app for wine lovers has become the world's most popular wine community – just this month celebrating the 100 millionth rating submitted to Vivino by the community.

Back in July 2009, when the idea for Vivino was born, there were already 600+ wine apps in the app store -- but this is no way distracted or discouraged Heini from creating Vivino within this busy market.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why you need to become semi-obsessed with your ideas
  • Your job as a founder is to see your business as a layer cake (and fully understand each of the unique layers)
  • Why Heini believes the product side of your business is the most crucial to your success

Now, let's hack...

Heini Zachariassen.