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Jon Nastor's Hack the Entrepreneur

I wrote a book.

It's called How to Stop Procrastinating, Build a Business, and Do Work That Matters.

9,264 people bought it. You can get it for free at Hack the Entrepreneur Book.

Mar 14, 2020

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After nearly two decades in the corporate world of strategic branding and marketing, Kirsty found herself without a job and one year's salary to keep her afloat.

So like any burgeoning entrepreneur would do, she set out on a path to figuring out how to start a business -- a business that would enable her to travel, work from anywhere, and become location independent.

After several failed ideas, she discovered Amazon's fulfillment program -- FBA. As soon as she found this, she instantly knew it was the opportunity she had been looking for.

Seven years, and over $16M in Physical Product sales on Amazon, Kirsty is also the co-founder of Real Coaching, where she has coached over 1,000 Amazon business owners.

Now, let's hack...

Kirsty Verity.