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Jul 21, 2015

My guest today is a marketing expert, consultant, author, blogger for Fast Company Magazine, and a regular contributor to The Globe and Mails Report on Business section.

My guest is the author of Evergreen, which was an instant number one bestseller in the sales and marketing section of Amazon. Evergreen describes how companies can become so obsessed with finding new customers that they lose valuable customers along the way. Evergreen guides us on customer retention, experience and strategy as my guest shows us how to cultivate enduring customer loyalty that keeps businesses thriving.

Now, let's hack... 

Noah Fleming.

In this 35-minute episode Noah Fleming and Jon Nastor discuss:

  • Taking risks and not being afraid of failing
  • Exhausting opportunities to their fullest
  • Investing in yourself and the power of mentors
  • How to write your own paycheck
  • Replicating your previous successes

The Show Notes