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Aug 31, 2015

My guest today is an entrepreneur who started, grew and sold six businesses in five years without paying for a single ad.

He helps people grow their businesses and his successful exits include WorkoutBox and Synn Clothing.

He is the founder of Upshare, which offers simple tools that boost sharing and make websites more viral.

My guest is also the co-founder of Mentor Mojo, which offers online interactive lessons and mentorship from the world's top entrepreneurs.

On top of all this, he is the head of growth at Auto Lotto and the author of Viral Hero.

Now, let's hack...

Travis Steffen.

In this 37-minute episode Travis Steffen and I discuss:

  • Why you should always having a beginner's mind
  • How to acquire the capacity to teach
  • Your ego shouldn't extend to the point where it prevents you from learning
  • Be diligent in looking for answers
  • Map out the characteristics of the market, company, and your viral loop.
  • The difference between conventional PR and a viral loop

The Show Notes