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Oct 20, 2014

Writing is something that I have been focusing more time on, but I often still find it difficult to get started and conquer that blank page. All of the good writers that I have studied have said the same thing:  in order to write lots, you have to write lots. It really doesn't get any simpler than that.

If you want to get good at anyting, then do that thing over and over and over again and eventually you will master it.

In April 2009, today’s guest graduated from the MBA program at Pepperdine University. After realizing that all he got for that education was a couple pieces of paper , and a bill that shows up every month. He decided it was time for a different kind of education and started a blog called The Skool of Life where he wrote about the things you should have learned in school but never did.

This later evolved into him becoming the co-host founder of a podcast called BlogcastFM — and pioneers within the podcasting space.

He is now the current host of the hit podcast Unmistakeable Creative. This interview is short, but powerful.


Let’s hack Srini Rao.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • What the problem with best practises is (and how you should treat them)
  • Why you need to look outside of what you know to find your influences
  • Everything we create is intended for someone else
  • You don't need to know how to get from A to B (in order to succeed)
  • Everything you learn in business school could be learned by reading a few books


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