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Jan 26, 2016


My guest today is an expert salesman, keynote speaker, author, and an entrepreneur.

From his first corporate job at 21, it took my guest just four years to be promoted to Division Sales manager, then another five years to Vice President of Sales.

When he was 35, my guest bought the company. He and his partner grew the $35 million local business to one of the largest wholesale food distributors in the nation with annual sales of over $200 million annually.

He then founded B2 Training and Development. He has stood on hundreds of stages and spoken to thousands of people about the art of selling.

He is also the author of Sales Management for Dummies.

Now, let’s hack…

Butch Bellah.

In this 44-minute episode Butch Bellah and I discuss:

  • Why we need to professionalize the profession of selling
  • Always be learning and growing (in your business and in life)
  • Looking inside to find your strengths and then play to them
  • How to write a 'for Dummies' book in 14 weeks

The Show Notes