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May 24, 2016

My guest today is a digital marketer, dad, self-proclaimed nerd, traveler, and an entrepreneur.

After 12 years in IT, my guest decided he had enough of punching a clock every day. He decided to try and make the move to working remotely one day per week, but his boss was having none of it. So, he quit.

He made the natural move from a steady job to working as a consultant. This lead him further into consulting and also brought him into product creation when he co-founded Bulko and ThingShare.

For the past year and a half, my guest has been traveling in an RV with his four children and building a community around NomadTogether, which equips digital nomads, location independent couples, and families to live a freedom based lifestyle.

Now, let’s hack…

Paul Kortman.

In this 41-minute episode Paul Kortman and I discuss:

  • Providing value and sparking a more personal connection by getting your clients on the phone/li>
  • How Paul was able to work his way out of the office environment and into entrepreneurship
  • Useful methods for ensuring you are following up with your clients
  • Making sure you can sell a product or idea before you investigate it further

The Show Notes