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Jun 21, 2016

My guest today is a songwriter, former Disney artist, and a serial entrepreneur.

Starting in 2006, my guest jumped head first into the tech world when he cofounded XLR8 Media. Since then, he has also founded Dijit, Echotag, and Openboard.

He is currently cofounder and CEO of Inmoji, bringing “powered" clickable icons that enable users to share their favorite brands, products, and experiences directly within messaging apps.

Having signed brands like Walmart and Fandango, Inmoji has a great start to its quest to attract one billion audience members.

Now, let’s hack…

Michael Africk.

In this 36-minute episode Michael Africk and I discuss:

  • Ditching preconceived notions and approaching life with a malleable mind
  • Coming into entrepreneurship from an artistic/creative background
  • The innate desire to create and control your own destiny as an entrepreneur
  • Learning to delegate tasks and trusting your team
  • Running with new ideas and letting them play out organically

The Show Notes