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Jun 18, 2018

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Christian Hageseth is a cannabis entrepreneur. Hefinished college in 1992 and just one year later he started his first company and has been going strong ever since.

During the next decade, he started companies in real estate and ice cream -- always looking for a void in the marketplace where he could build a successful business.

In 2009, he founded Green Man Cannabis just one day after Colorado legalized the production and sale of medical and recreational cannabis. What began as a 5,000 square foot growing operation has scaled to 130,000 square feet of production today.

Late 2017, he founded One Cannabis, a franchisor of retail marijuana stores.

In this conversation we discuss:

  • Using meditation to stay focused and on top of your game
  • Finding and capitalizing on gaps in the marketplace
  • Christian's fear of living a vanilla life

Now, let's hack...

Christian Hageseth.