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May 7, 2015

My guest for today is a software developer that worked hard to slowly become an entrepreneur.

He spent several years working as a manager for a billion dollar payroll company. And in his spare time he played around with some ideas.

Early 2009 he creates his first online product that fails to garner any attention or traffic. so back to the drawing board he went two more times before hitting onto something good.

He is now the founder of Bidsketch, which is online proposal software for web designers. He bootstrapped Bidsketch while working full-time and was able to grow it into a stable and profitable business. In fact, he has grown it to the point where he was able to quit his job, surpass his previous income, and enjoy the freedom of being an internet entrepreneur.

Now, let's hack...

Ruben Gamez.

In this 35-minute episode Ruben Gamez and I discuss:

  • How Ruben stays focused and productive on tasks
  • Why there is no easy way to build a successful business
  • Staying focused on boring tasks
  • The single, sad, but true step to winning in business and products
  • Why not all challenges are worth overcoming
  • Find out what’s working and double-down on it

The Show Notes