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Oct 20, 2015


My guest today is a blogger, digital consultant, writer, podcaster, and serial entrepreneur.

He co-founded the design & digital agency, DMSQD, in 2010. The business grew rapidly and, as a result, my guest suffered from what he calls superhero syndrome and was working longer hours but becoming less productive.

His other ventures include co-founding Podcast Websites with John Lee Dumas and he is the co-founder of the Two Shots to the Head blog.

He is also the host of Excellence Expected, the number one Small Business Podcast in the UK.

Now, let's hack...

Mark Asquith.

In this 40-minute episode Mark Asquith and I discuss:

  • Giving people the time of day whenever you can
  • Keeping an open mind for opportunities
  • Knowing the best time for you to work
  • Pushing your business with "4 hours of focus"

The Show Notes