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Dec 21, 2015

My guest today is a world traveller, CEO, entrepreneur, and Jill of All Trades! My guest started her career in market research and corporate content creation in the U.S.A., before deciding she wanted to spend some time in Asia.

While visiting Asia, she fell in love with Bali, Indonesia and the startup culture. This new love of the startup culture and her surroundings gave her the itch to start something of her own -- something big.

In 2012, her and her cofounders decided to fix how email is managed on a Windows PC by launching Mailbird. In just three years, they have grown into a worldwide team of 12 people with a user base of over 500,000.

Now, let’s hack…

Andrea Loubier.

In this 37-minute episode Andrea Loubier and I discuss:

  • The value of becoming a heavy relationship builder
  • Meeting people with the same mindset (and using them to grow yourself and your business)
  • Setting priorities, being healthy, and sticking with a routine

The Show Notes