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Feb 27, 2017

Before today’s guest built a successful company in China, he was just a wandering 20-year-old backpacker, only looking for an adventure.


He planned on making a brief stop in the city of Beijing to earn some funds, see the Great Wall and move onto his next adventure.

Turns out it would do more than just earn him enough funds to travel, it would lead him to become a pillar of Beijing’s pop culture. He is the founder and Creative Dictator of China’s first streetwear clothing brand, Plastered T-Shirts.

He has also been awarded the British Chamber of Commerce in China’s Entrepreneur Award in his home country of England.

He lives near his flagship store in Beijing with his wife and four children, and is far happier now than when he first arrived in the city.

Let’s hack…

Dominic Johnson-Hill
In this 33-minute episode Dominic Johnson-Hill and Jon discuss:

  • How immaturity helped him better his business
  • Why the things that got him into trouble in school are now his super powers
  • Being wrong is normal, as long as you accept it
  • How knowing the worst case scenario helps to overcome fears
  • Focusing on and appreciating where you are right now