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May 11, 2017

Today’s guest is the founder of The Improv Effect, a company that gives their clients the competitive edge, through creativity, collaboration, and effective communication.

My guest's goal was to help businesses reach their full potential and she has successfully done this for global companies such as Groupon, Johnson & Johnson, The PGA Tour, Crayola and many more.

With techniques that she learned on the job at Disney and Sesame Street, she leads teams and organizations to achieve teamwork, creative problem solving, presentation skills, and product development sessions.

In addition to this, my guest is a much sought-after speaker and speaking coach to leaders worldwide.

She also co-authored a book called CTRL Shift: The book for any day.

Now, let’s hack…

Jessie Shternshus.

In this 30-minute episode Jessie Shternshus and I discuss:

  • Why we are made to improvise every day (and how to relearn this skill)
  • Letting your audience come up with ideas on their own
  • How teaching local classes helped her business get off the ground
  • Trusting her gut and following her instincts
  • Why business should be treated like a game of chess

The Show Notes