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Dec 24, 2018

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Jacqui Ma got a business degree and worked in the manufacturing industry for a couple of years, then went back to school to study industrial design.

She began her career designing products such as medical equipment and furniture before getting into luggage design –– which then lead to designing all types of bags. Since then she has worked for PUMA and consulted to Amazon Fashion.

During all of this, she was living above a bike shop in east London and is a cyclist. She saw a gap in the market for fashion inspired bike bags, and she wanted to design something that women cyclists would appreciate.

After designing prototypes and setting up manufacturing in China, Jacqui founded Goodordering with a desire to create and a successful crowdfunding campaign.

In this conversation, we discuss

  • Using your bosses as early business and growth mentors
  • How vulnerability can drive the foundations of your business
  • Finding and harnessing the entrepreneurial mindset in the most unlikely places

Now, let's hack...

Jacqui Ma.