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Feb 29, 2016

My guest today is a blogger, podcaster, voracious reader, and an entrepreneur.

My guest hasn’t always been running her own business and doing her own thing. In 2003, her husband passed away at 32 years old. Being widowed with a 2-year-old and 6-year-old drove my guest to find something she could do from home. She also wanted to set an example for her children and show they could pursue what made them happy and do what they loved for a living.

She founded WP Chick, a blog dedicated helping people use WordPress to grow their businesses. She has since expanded the brand into a podcast, multiple products, and a consulting business.

Now, let’s hack… Kim Doyal.

In this 45-minute episode Kim Doyal and I discuss:

  • The importance and power in just showing up
  • How and why to implement systems into your business
  • Letting idea percolate long enough to make smart decisions
  • Learning to understand the 'why' behind things

The Show Notes