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Jun 4, 2018

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Charles Manning is the founder and CEO of Kochava, a technology company integrated into more than 3,500 networks and publishers and is trusted by the biggest companies in mobile gaming, news and media, and consumer goods.

Back in 2007, he founded PLAYXPERT  which started as a gaming technology platform. After licensing the PLAYXPERT technology to Razer, Charles built a team that focused its time on building engagement platforms for entrepreneurs and agencies.

For nearly 20 years Charles has been creating technology and building companies around them. He began his career at Oracle, and later held executive and C-Level positions at M-Code, Managed Objects, and PLAYXPERT.

In this conversation we discuss:

  • What it's like to start a side hustle before side hustles were a thing
  • Why Charles 'felt behind' when starting his first company (and how he overcame this feeling)
  • The marketing and business strategy behind (and how it is paying off)

Now, let's hack ...

Charles Manning.