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Jun 25, 2018

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Scott Bintz refers to himself as the Red Headed Rebel and currently runs several companies -- one in self-storage and self-storage investments, an ecommerce coffee company, and a dirt racing car parts company.

But he got his start in 1998 when he started At this time, ecommerce was not nearly what it is today. But since his suppliers wouldn't take his advice and start selling online, he did it himself. From the basement office of his duplex, he built RealTruck for 17 years, and brought in $100 million in revenue, until it was acquired in 2015.

In this fascinating conversation, we discuss:

  • How to identify and see patterns in your marketplace
  • Why you should focus on work culture to grow your revenue
  • How you should test out your e-commerce ideas

Now, let's hack...

Scott Bintz.