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Sep 28, 2015

My guest today is a speaker, advisor, best-selling author of multiple books, such as Engagement from Scratch and The Audience Revolution, and an entrepreneur.

He is the founder of Firepole Marketing and Productive Inbox, and the host of the Business Reimagined podcast.

He is also the creator of training programs, such as Audience Business Master Class and Course Builders Laboratory, which have collectively trained over 3,000 online entrepreneurs.

In just a few years, Firepole Marketing hit revenues of seven figures and my guest has created a worldwide team of 20 people, who support a community of over 40,000 entrepreneurs.

Now, let's hack...

Danny Iny.

In this 32-minute episode Danny Iny and I discuss:

  • The importance of having a "what's next" mindset 
  • How to expand your bandwidth as an entrepreneur
  • What buying furniture can teach you about hiring employees

The Show Notes